Face-to-face training

Essential writing skills for government

We have been delivering writing training to government and business for more than 10 years. In that time, our essential writing skills courses became the most popular courses offered by the Australian Public Service Commission. These courses are now available direct to individuals and organisations at a better price and in a better venue.

Our face-to-face writing courses meet all requirements for physical distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions. Please contact us if you would like more information about how this will be managed.

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Essential writing skills: Plain English

This is our foundation course and is for people who want to learn to write in a clear, assertive and easy to read style. Most people know the principles of plain English, but haven’t been taught how to apply them. This course provides practical guidance on how to make writing simple, accountable, productive, engaging and inclusive.

This course is scheduled on request. Please contact us for details.

Essential writing skills: Emails and letters

This course is for team members and government employees up to APS/ASO level 4. Participants will learn how to write with clarity and appropriate style. The course introduces participants to a structured writing process that ensures documents achieve their intended purpose.

20 April 2021
3 August 2021
5 October 2021

Essential writing skills: Briefs and reports

This is our most popular course and is for team members, supervisors and government employees up to APS/ASO level 6. Participants will learn how to develop relevant content and write documents that drive action. This involves planning a document and thinking about its purpose, key messages and call to action. Participants will also learn how to write documents that are short and clear.

17 February 2021
13 April 2021
5 May 2021
7 July 2021
4 August 2021
6 October 2021
3 November 2021

Essential writing skills: Managers and executive levels

This course is for managers, including government officers up to EL1/2 and SOG A/B/C. It shows how to address serious, sensitive and complex topics with multiple stakeholders. These documents must withstand both internal and external scrutiny. The course approaches executive writing as a leadership and management activity.

21 April 2021
5 August 2021
7 October 2021

Editing and review.

The process of document review is sometimes the longest and most frustrating part of the writing process. This course teaches learners how to edit and review workplace documents in a constructive and efficient way. It includes tips on how to mark-up changes, and how to give productive feedback to writers.

This course is scheduled on request. Please contact us for details.

Other courses
Respect, equity and diversity (general level)

Everyone expects to work in an environment that values respect, equity and diversity. But these concepts aren’t always well understood or supported. This course explains the rights and obligations of employees and managers in these areas. It will help you to promote a positive work environment and how to respond if a colleague, manager or team member behaves badly.

11 March 2021
6 May 2021
9 September 2021
2 December 2021

Respect, equity and diversity contact officer training

Respect, equity and diversity (RED) contact officers are an essential part of every workplace. They support colleagues and managers by providing information and by promoting positive work environments. This course explains the responsibilities of RED contact officers and shows how to engage with colleagues and managers on RED issues.

16 June 2021
1 December 2021