Writing & editing

Writing and Editing

Professional writing and editing support will improve the content and clarity of your documents. A well-written document helps your people with their work, shapes reader response and behaviour, and enhances individual and organisational reputation. Petersen Ink can take your organisation’s content and ideas, and write them up in a clear, readable and persuasive style.

Policy documents to provide clarity of purpose to staff.
Policy documents are the framework for workplace decision-making. Despite this, busy organisations often ignore this writing task or delegate it to staff who do not have the time or expertise to do it well. Petersen Ink are expert organisational policy writers, with experience in writing policy and procedures in the fields of health care, transport security, transport safety, personnel management and logistics.

Doctrine and manuals to capture best practice.
The best businesses and government entities record their doctrine and procedures. They use this to embed learning and experience inside their organisation. Since 2002, Petersen Ink has specialised in the development of manuals and doctrine. We have written about intelligence, policing, aircraft operations, military operations and health services.

Tenders to align company capabilities with client requirements.
Good writing helps persuade potential clients of your ability to meet their needs. While many businesses have an excellent product or service to offer, they are daunted by the complexities of responding to requests for tenders. Petersen Ink has written or edited successful tender documents for government panels, engineering projects, construction equipment, catering services, logistic services and training programs.